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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Community faces decision for growth

In the county of Franktown there are only 93 residents which are facing the dilemma of making the choice of better sewage systems or keeping their population size down. It is said that if they need to choose if “needed water and sewer systems is a fair trade for more residents, more stores and more traffic”.
Since this town has no tax money devoted to pay for these upgrades themselves, these improvements can only come about with the developer’s money and plans to build. This change would double the number of houses in the town which has people concerned that they will lose the enjoyment of the open land. A suggestion that one town member gave was to for the people that want to enjoy the land use to buy up as much as they could/wanted. This could cause for future concern with the public purpose and the ability for government to come in and take what they feel would be best for the town. This may be an issue that could come up seeing that this town’s septic tanks are causing pollution for other towns’ water sources. At this point it seems that most of the town is rejecting the water improvements along with the growth opportunity. Even though there could be an economic gain for businesses they also see the possibility of losing that small town comfort from their community.
It seems that they are making the choice that they benefit that they receive from remaining small outweighs that of the growth and development that could occur. It seems that it is only a matter of time before this town sees growth.

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