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Monday, October 10, 2005


Oppression question

I think the term oppression can be used in different ways, however I think the most common way the term is used is in a political context. Oppression, as a political term, has to do with the unfair restrictions placed on members of society. Oppression is found throughout the histroy of the United States, from the African Americans to American women.I feel that it is important to look at oppression in another form, an economic form. As pointed out in another comment the definition of oppression is an "unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power." If you look back on previous court cases, oppression is something that has been going on for some time. From the limit on how much women could work in a week, to a limit on the amount of trade and the type of trade allowed to leave a state. These are forms of oppression in an economic standpoint. Oppression is not only found on the local and national levels but also on the international level. Countries often oppress another country by enforcing trade mandates, and some countries oppress themselves with their cultures. The countries that oppress members of their society based on culture or religion are also affecting their economy. For example the Middle East is known for their oppression of women. However I feel that if this oppression changed the economy in these areas would greatly increase because they would have more man power to create more output, which then creates more money. Oppression can be defined and found in many different ways. However I feel it would be best for the economy if oppression did not exist as much as it does. Other countries could learn from the United States, we have changed many laws that freed many who were oppressed and we have grown to be the most stable and powerful country in the international economy.

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