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Friday, March 31, 2006


Governments failure to sprawl

From the economic efficiency framework the conceptualization it would seem that it is more often governments inability to deal with the effects of sprawl rather than sprawl being the inherent problem itself. It would seem that sufficient planning and implementation of infrastructure related concepts would be all that was needed for successful sprawl. Rather than suggesting that we keep widening roads, continue to put up growth boundaries and invest in poorly planned metro rail systems, we should find a model of successful growth implementaion and follow it.

However, this does suggest that such a model has been initiated and implemented successfully. Even if it doesn't exist, the understanding from an economic efficiency framework would suggest that the market would most likely take care of everything save its failures, which more often than not these days look more and more like government failures, rather than the latter. The governments one way view seem to be more harmful than helpful in some circumstances. As citizens should we just hold up the white flag and let the government failures continue?

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