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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Gay Groups

In this article there is a type of judgement in that if someone's sexual preference happens to be that of the same sex then we shouldnt give them the equal opportunity. As we have discussed in class we see all the different types of groups.The small group in this case doesnt appear to be more efficent then say a larger group. In this situation the group tried and had no luck with attacking the problem through the legal system. The group is now having to rely on the government to use its coercive power to protect these individuals. From this policy the group has seen change for the good. In the article the facts stae that openly gay men discharges have fallen by 40 percent. When dealing with a homosexual in economic terms the right to be in the Army, Navy, etc. is a private rather than public good. This is private in the sense that if a homesexual wanted to be accepted in the military he or she could be excluded because of his or her sexual preferences. This holds true to the traditional theory is that group behavior that implicitly assumes private groups and associtations operate according to principles entirely different from those that govern relationships in the marketplace or with taxpayers.This issue is consistent with Olson's theory in that the action taking groups have the tendency to be more productive in what they want to get accomplished.

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