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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Economics and Liberty

Economics and Liberty

Dr. Eubanks asked us to write about the three most important issues we would be voting on. Mine are (in no particular order):

1) The mishandling of the war in Iraq

2) The soaring national debt

3) The environment

I would like to see drastic changes in the US's stance on these issues.

A few thoughts:

1. You write the issue as mishandling, and I think this seems not to be looking to the future as the concern or the issue. It is probably my economic sense that leads me to think about the past benefits or costs of the Iraq war as sunk. If you look to Iraq and the future policy about Iraq, what do you think the country's policy now and into the future should be?

2. You suggest the national debt is a political issue, but you aren't very specific about the nature of the issue. What specifically concerns you about the national debt?

3. Same sort of question about the environment, what specifically concerns you about environmental policy?
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