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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Bush Is A Baby Killer

An article in the Gazette titled, “Bush Goes After Democrats on Health Care” (Oct31) is a perfect example of political rhetoric masking an economic debate. The article should have been titled, “Bush Attempts to Harm America’s Children!” The AP focused on the President’s veto of a House Bill that increased the number of children on the Federal Payroll to 6 million. This would increase the budget of that particular health cost from bellow 5 billion to over 35 billion dollars.

Making President Bush’s remarks seem politically motivated, crass, and unsympathetic toward dying children, the AP suggested that his speech was directed toward Hillary Clinton. The article ended with a quote from chairman of the Democratic Caucus Rahm Emanuel, “"At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Bush is having what he calls SCHIP Halloween - it's all trick no treat. He's preventing health care for millions of kids."

This AP article has missed the President’s reasoning for vetoing the bill altogether. A step toward Federalized Health Care in America would cost taxpayers too much money. In an American society where the national budget has run a deficit almost every year for the past 40 years, it seems unintelligible why this discussion is even occurring. A state owned enterprise (ie, government health care) has little incentive to be forward thinking, is often a loss making enterprise, costs the state a substantial amount of capital and financing, and not to mention the lack of quality that will eventually arise in the system! It is no surprise that the former Soviet Union was not known for its efficient use of resources and the manufacturing of high quality goods.

Before the AP runs an article bashing the President for his baby killing vetoes, maybe the discussion should be more economic in nature. The American budget will soon not be able to support its own social security system and the House of Representatives wants to increase spending on health care by 30 billion dollars! The intelligence of the federal government is again beyond anything we lesser plebes can ever hope to understand.

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