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Friday, February 29, 2008


lobbying in politics

With the political races heating up and trying to find out who is going to be the representatives for each party it is interesting to see how they are able to get the money to fund these extravagant campaigns. The answer is they get the money from all kinds of different lobbying groups. Most people know this is the case as this has been the case for a very long time. These groups have backed candidates for a very long time. The trouble with the situation that I have is what makes it worth their while. They are investing their money and obviously have to get something out of it. The problem is for the most part the public is not exposed to what these benefits actually entail. There has to be a lot of corruption and "under the table" dealings that go along with these situations. The politicians are ghiving the power back to these groups and are causing problems at every level of society. As we talked about in class this leads to the slowing down of the entire economy for a few people to be better off. Until we find a better way to produce campaigns this will continue to happen and we will have these side effects on the entire society.

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