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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Palestinian Terrorist

The tragedy today in Israel is deplorable and inhumane. I have neither the knowledge nor the insight to imply any economics to this situation. However, a caller to the Hugh Hewitt show today attempted to condone the terrorists actions with economics.

Specifically, the caller blamed Israel for causing this "man" to walk into a seminary and kill 8 people. And his reasoning? That Israel had enforced a blockade against Palestine and was causing Palestinians to starve and live in below poverty conditions. This is enough reason to cause terrorist actions. No way.

Economics is the study of choice. I say terrorists choose to cause terror for non-economic reasons. There cause is not any better off by killing 8 Israelis or 3000 Americans. I have studied economics now for two years and nowhere have I seen studies that terrorists use deadly force for pure economic reasons.

And what makes me nervous is the recent home fires in Washington. These "green" mansions were torched by environmental terrorists. For what reason? Terrorism is not even human, it is barbaric and cowardly.

I have heard argument after argument for economic reasons why terrorists act. This is CRAP!! The economics I love would deal with the choices these "people" have in a different way, not deadly force.

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