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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wally World is taking over!!

It’s true, Walmart is going to take over the world one day, and it’s pretty much inevitable at this point. Walmart is also very anti-union. Who can blame them? Unions were bad to being with, but then you read even more about it from Olson and you begin to wonder why they even exist. We’ve all heard various horror stories about unions, the union giving the air traffic controllers the air traffic control center over in Pittsburg, forcing ridiculously high wages across the country, promoting violence, and not doing the things they say they will. Props to Walmart for avoiding that one!

Oh wait, so about Walmart taking over the world… They’re moving to South Africa now, and the South Africans are not happy about the anti-union nature of Walmart. So that they could proceed with their plan to take over the world, Walmart caved to the South Africans. It is such a sad day when such a great force caves to such evil. These unions don’t play around either, they get 7.5% wage increases, and 12 cent raises.

The South Africans claim that these unions are necessary, whereas the ones in America are not. And that their unions won’t allow Walmart to ‘exploit’ their workers as they do in other places. The South Africans are being assured that Walmart has complied with all the labor laws wherever they operate, and will abide by them in South Africa as well. However they do have the intention of wiping out all competitors in the market there.

As mentioned Walmart (whether you like it or not) is a great force, and because of that they have a certain ability to get away with things. I don’t know what the labor laws are in South Africa, (from the sounds of it, they require unions in all industries) but I will also be interested to see how Walmart feels about these unions. In reality, I’ll be interested to see where Walmart draws the line and says enough is enough because you know Walmart isn’t going to be handing out 7.5% wage increases. There are already people in South Africa saying the laws are out-of-date, although more so people are angry about Walmart’s dislike of unions. It shall be interesting to see how Olson’s Logic of Collective Action will apply in this scenario. Stay tuned for more!

I suspect South Africa has lately been a pretty good illustration of the Decline, and perhaps unions in South Africa suggest that significant predation is at least part of the reason.
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