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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Republican or Democcrat it does not matter

It is an unfortunate time in American history, many people on main street feel that by voting in the Republicans at this midterm election that the changes needed to turn around the economy will prevail. Not true. Until both parties realize that the special interest groups and lobbyists that have gained more power than the people the politicians represent are dissolved, the issues with our economy will continue. Where does it say in the Constitution that these cantankerous money grabbing parisites have any right to dictate the decisions made through our politicians, that dictates the policies for main street. This is clearly defined through the readings in "The Rise and Decline of Nations" by Mancur Olsen.

Olsen clearly identifies the destruction of a stable society by these distributional coalitions. It is obvious that they do affect efficiency and growth, directing capital resources away from production, towards politicians and cartel activity. Therefore burdening the stable society, causing failure by redistributing income, and not creating it. Main street does not understand this agenda and until this is brought to light in a easier understanding format the necessary steps needed to abolish this inefficient activity will be delayed.

In no way will either party change there association with these distributional coalitions until a clever minded rebellion occurs by main street. It may come in the form of a total boycott, paralizing the establishments that benefit from this inefficient behavior. The emphasis of the distributional coalitions is to consume main streets capital, therefore main street must refuse to pay its bills, causing the revolt needed to cleanse the system.

I don't think the special interests "dictate." The special interests do not have the power to take. It seems to me that a special interest group chooses to try to get the politicians to use the power of government for their special interest benefit. I suggest an accurate description is that the special interest groups are demanders (like consumers) of special interest legislation and regulation, and the members of Congress and the members of the Executive Branch are the suppliers of special interest legislation. Thus, with respect to the Constitution, this document is about government's actions vis a vis our lives, and it can be read to say that Congress does not have the constitutional power to supply much of the rent seeking activities it has chosen to supply.
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