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Monday, November 29, 2010


Time is of the essence

The market wizards, the Government and all news agencies continue to debate the need for the extension of the Bush tax cuts. In reality the tax system needs to be revamped. A flat tax of 15% across all incomes sounds better to me. It will generate more revenues for the Federal Government, by allowing those millionaires and billionaires to finally pay taxes. The current system allows for tax shelters which the wealthy will gladly take advantage of. The flat tax would prohibit those loopholes. Could it be that this elite small group has some sort of advantage over the majority. Imagine a small group that has lobbying power for their agenda. Sounds like the basis of Mancur Olsons theory.

It is unforunate that our Government policies revolve around a hidden agenda. But that is understandable because we have been a stable society for some time. The elites will continue to dictate on their behalf until they break the system, and why would they care, they have reaped and invested for that demise.

Main street must come to its sences and realize they do have the power to create a new agenda. Olson identifies this opportunity through a revolution or a overtaking of an existing government, neither of these can occur in the United States. Main street must be as clever as the current system. The passage of time is realized as the greatest element for control by the Olson. In this instance, if main street can realize, the next two years will be of the utmost importance to emphasize the need for change that benefits the majority. If the Tea Party is to be that impressive party that can create change, the agenda for the election that benefits main street must be amplified now. If the future candidates ran on the following changes the U.S. would change for the future of its people not the future of the government. Flat tax of 15%, Dissolve the Department of Education, Energy, and Transportation, The Federal Reserve must be transaparent or dissolve it, repeal the health care bill, immigration reform/protect our borders, and finally become a nation once again, that will use its capacity for violence when we or our borders are threatened.

I believe this would be an excellent way to motivate mainstreet and dictate an agenda for the people. People have rights not the government.

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