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Friday, September 28, 2012


United Nations Taxation


In the news today I saw that the United Nations is proposing a tax on billionaires from all member countries as well as royalties on all underwater resource mining that takes place more than a hundred miles off a nations shore.  The United Nations would most likely be using this money to lend aide to less developed countries, mostly countries other than where the money is coming from.

Most of the advanced countries are already in economic turmoil and this new tax will not help the situation any.  This may however end up being a case of the weak extorting the strong.  Since there are more “poor” countries than “rich” countries in the United States this motion could be passed.  As a result the strongest of the countries would be held to the will of the poorer countries. 

This would certainly be an example of a global government using its force on sovereign countries.  While the countries themselves would in turn have to exert their force on individual citizens to comply with the new taxes.  In this situation it may be more difficult for lobbying organizations to stop this legislation.  They would have to come together on an international level, which is much less likely than coming together nationally as they currently are use to. 

Since a tax is a compulsory payment, how will the United Nations force countries to tax their wealthy citizens?
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