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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Cosmix: too little, too late...

In my humble opinion as a Jr. Economist, it would seem that the effort put forth by the city of Colorado Springs with the CosMix project is an attempt to make amends for lack of planning and underestimation of the growth of our suburban setting. While the effort will not be looked on with brazen eyes, it would seem that being one step behind the situation will continually leave the city one step behind the sprawl. For example, the poorly planned expansion of the Woodmen Rd and I-25 by-pass left southbound commuters wanting much in regard to the same number of lanes as before the project.

I think that the inefficiency of the local/state legislature is to blame for the retarded action time in regard to the city and state interstate expansion. I believe that the demand for legislature pertaining to effectively timed and implemented road repair/expansion.

By the time that this project is completed in the summer of '07 I believe that the current rate of growth will overshadow almost all efforts that the city is making in order to address the already over-crowded roads. Unfortunately the legislators cannot always plan on growth or even sprawl as it may be, but I believe that it is their duty as the elected officials of the city and county to make effective and efficient use of legislation, however ill timed it may end up.

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