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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Policy Economics

Policy Economics The article i read was called "Hatcheries In Crisis." It stated that National Fish Hatchery System true federal role is hleping endangered species and native fish. The problem arises when talking about what constitutes an endangered species? According to the ESA if a fish can be included into the same distict population segemnt as the wild fish in ewhich they are genetically associated with, then they must be listed togheter. This is not the case with fish produced in hatcheries. Hatchery fish can be difined as fish fertilized or grown artificially in a production or conservation hatchery. Unfortunately these types of fish show domestications effects such as genetic adaptations to hatchery environments that are genrally maladaptive in the wild. Hatchery fish usually have poor survuavl in the wild and altered migration and feeding behaviors of natural fish. Hatchery fish also are typically larger and tend to compete with wild fish. Ultimately artificial fish of this type can overrun the wild fish type, driving the true wild fish DNA strand out of existence. How can conserving a fish species be done without altering its gentic makeup? One plan that could be implemented would be to create an sizeable environment for fish such as a private pond or lake , that produces food for its fish on its own, has areas inwhich breeding could be done naturally between fishes, and has no human contact(except for fishing season). Then wild fish could be caught and placed into these areas allowing them to develope into many. Once breeding season finished, fish then could be caught up to a certain ammount that fits the sustainable ammount in the pond.

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