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Friday, December 01, 2006


Trade policies

President Bush recently meet with his top trade negotiator in keeping to the plan of achieving a bipartisan support on aggressive trade in the next Congress meeting even with the Democrats still in control. U.S. Trade Representatives have been pushing for the conclusion of global trade talks and by early next year to have negotiations worked out on free trade with several countries. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has sent out warnings that if we dont keep the high barriers to enter the import market then we will see record high trade deficts and it will continue to cost Americans jobs. Many of the Democrats ha ve campainged against Bush's trade policies stating that the administration had failed to do enough about the loss of manufacturing jobs to low wage in other countries. With the Democrats taking over the House and Senate there will be a huge obstacle that will be faced by Congress in there trade agenda. Reported by Dan Griswold a trade expert for the Cato Institute, he predicts that the trade agenda is headed for very"rough waters." The word out is that Bush in order to win trade deals he will have to make a policy to show that benefits to workes laid off because of foreign competition and Democratic demands to increase jobs so our jobs are not moved to low wage countries. In the end Bush has to do a great deal of work to win over Congresses approval on trade policies.

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