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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Imus suing CBS

As many of us may remember Don Imus was somewhat recently fired for his comments about the Rutgers basketball team. Well now Don Imus is suing CBS for 40 million dollars which was the amount of his contract that he was left unpaid due to him being fired. Imus and his lawyer are filing a breach of contract, citing a specific part of his contract, "Imus' services were "unique, extraordinary, irreverent, intellectual, topical, controversial." Now I must make clear that I do not agree with what Imus did but the 1st amendment does guarantee freedom of speech and even if what he says does offend others, this was acknowledged in his contract. So again, although I do not agree with what Imus has done, after looking at his contract and the 1st amendment I would side with Imus in a court case and would award him his 40 million.

On a side note. Personally I think contriversial topics are the best to discuss and need to be addresed and I beleive that everybody is offended by something and as long as you market your talk to show to be offensive you should be able to discuss these topics. Look at the howard stern show, he was donig all sorts of crazy things, but that was expected becasuse it was the howard stern show. Personally I would not have fired Imus.

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