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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Senate Panel approves higher required feul economy

The nationwide fleet fuel economy required for cars and truck has been increased by the Senate Commerce Science and transporation rom 25 to 35 miles per gallon.

"This is not a perfect bill, but I think we have reached a stage where most parties would say this is fair," said Sen. Daniel Inouye. My problem with this is that if "most parties" involved would be ok with this, and I am assuming that "most parties" he means businesses and firms who are in the transportation industry. If this is true and if businesses could easily comply with these standards then competition would have already induced them to have done this already.

If this bill is to improve the industry, then it is just a regulation that will do more harm than good, reducing the number of cars that can be sold, since, now we have both fuel efficient and non- fuel efficient cars in the market. The higher requirments won't dramatically increase the number of efficient cars, just dramatically reduce the number of innefficient cars.

The only way this bill would work is if it is INTENDED to reduce the number of cars one the road. this however does not seem to be what the bill's intended consequence is. It seems like they are trying to turn the innefficient cars being produced, into efficient ones, but if all cars could be efficient already, then they already would be.

Do you wonder why Congress thinks it has the constitutional power to pass such fuel efficiency requirements? Would you say fuel efficiency requirements is a regulation of interstate commerce?
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