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Friday, May 16, 2008


Is America Still Racist?

Doggy Discrimination occurs daily. When I read this I laughed not taking it seriously, all dogs are cute right? Well apparently some people prefer a certain color of dog. This is understandable, but color discrimination among dogs? Black dogs are not being adopted in shelters. They seem to be the last ones adopted from almost every kennel in the country. A Kennel in Ohio even posted a banner pleading with people to check out their beautiful black dogs. This is in part due to perceptions people have about black dogs, maybe they are mean, or sometimes are perceived as being old, they are also not as eye catching as other more brightly colored dogs. There are also preferences and biases, and people seem to prefer lighter colored dogs. There biases lead them to believe certain things are untrue about a dog because of the color of its fur. Hmm... sounds vaguely familiar. Unfortunately this results in many lovable dogs left in animal shelters. People’s preferences and self interest at work even when it comes to dogs people are biased.

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