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Friday, May 09, 2008


Why Not?

So I am really having a time trying to figure out the root of this power thing. I know in class we decided that one "reason" for power was the one with the greatest capacity for violence usually yielded the power. But what about those in power that do not use violence?

Here is where I am getting this. In Becker-Posner's farm bill blog, they discuss the farm bill and such, but more importantly to me is their comment, "All the subsidies should be repealed.

This of course will not happen, and that is a lesson in the limitations of democracy, at least as practiced in the United States at this time, though I doubt that it is peculiarities of American democracy that explain the farm programs, for their European counterparts are far more generous."

Also, today at work, I was talking to a co-worker about the situation of things and how government needed to keep it's hands off of the fuel cost. His response to me was things will never change. Therefore, I ask- WHY NOT?

Why is it that we give the politicians so much power without them using violence? It is like we sit around just asking ourselves when will it change? I have been reading of late about Russia's situation with Putin reluctant to give up his power, but I also see him parading his nuclear arsenal in the streets. Thankfully our congresional leaders have not gone that far.

If there is no threat of violence, then the power must come from us- we must be letting it happen? Again, I will ask what will it take for us to get back our liberties and limeted government back?

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