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Friday, September 28, 2007


A City Within the Springs

A city within the Springs
A huge new subdivision kicks off growth on Colorado Springs' east side

This article highlights the debut of Colorado Springs' newest community and prominant example of sprawl: Banning Lewis Ranch, located on the northeast side of Colorado Springs. After years and years of awaiting zoning approvals, the 24,000 acre property is finally breaking ground. The developers are promoting a picture perfect reality.

"That's why you'll find things like tree-lined streets and open-rail fences. Natural green spaces and feathery wild grasses. A new community center complete with pools and ball fields. The new Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, a K-8 charter school. And beautiful new homes in a variety of architectural styles, displaying rich character and neighborhood crafting. All interconnected by a network of trails and footpaths. It's the kind of place you just don't find much anymore. (banninglewisranch.com)"

This new community is promising much more than just a place to live, potential buyers are paying for small town living in the midst of city chaos. With a high emphasis being placed on 'small', prepare to pay for schools, parks and other commuity features like coffee schops and movie theaters; all within walking distance from home. Local trails and exercise centers that invite the community to come and get to know each other; enjoy a fresh breath of Colorado air, as long as you dont mind sharing that fresh breath with the dozen otehr neighbors scrambling for that same 'Leave it to Beaver' lifestyle. The houses will also follow suit with the small scene, the average size home for this community will be 2,400 sq ft. According to Colorado-Springs-realestate.com, the average size home for this area is closer to 3,200 sq. ft; however, at a starting price of about $220,000 are you really getting the most bang for your buck or are you being swept away by sprawl?

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