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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Is Colorado Springs one of the Best Cities ti live in?

In 2006 Colorado Springs was voted one of the top cities in America to live in by Money Magazine, however many people who live in Colorado Springs are complaining that it is not. Recently in the gazette several locals claimed that they do not make nearly enough money to support themselves and their families. So why do people choose to live in Colorado Springs? Is it the scenery; the job market perhaps? Common sense seems to reason that if someone is unhappy with where they live, they should move. Generally people will try to better their economic situation. However according to the gazette rather than let market forces determine where someone should live the government should step in and aid these people that cannot make it in the city in which they reside. Is this a case of government failure? Is it the government’s job to protect families whose average income lies above the national rate of poverty, but are still unable to live comfortably?

As a result Colorado is trying to elevate the current poverty line to a higher more ‘’realistic’’ level. The gazette states the following: “The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute in 2004 issued a report identifying the income required for self-sufficiency in each Colorado County. For a one-person household in El Paso County, the institute said income of $16,475 is required to be self-sufficient. For a household with two adults and two children, self-sufficient income is $42,145, the institute said.’’ (The Gazette 9/30/07)

The people interviewed in this article are suffering from the unfortunate consequences of their actions. That begs the question as to whether the people profiled should and/or are able to move to a cheaper location. It seems to be a catch twenty-two; if they are not able to adequately provide for themselves, they most likely will not have the resources to move to a more economical location. The article argues that the local government should be doing more to help these individuals. Providing economic assistance to help these people afford to live in a comparatively expensive area seems a bit absurd. The ultimate question here seems to be why these people are staying in an economic situation that is not allowing them to live how they wish. Increasing the poverty rate and allocating more food stamps may be a quick fix, but generally people will live where they can prosper. When the city in which you reside is simply to expensive to maintain a comfortable live style, maybe the question that one needs to ask themselves is whether a cheaper location will provide a more favorable circumstance.


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