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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Clean Energy, Dirty Money

In a release from Gov. Ritter's office on Tuesday, a proposal was made to put $3.5 of the $7 million dollars for the Clean Energy Fund towards economic development. The senate bill 246 was passed by Senate and signed by Gov. Ritter in 2007. Already, the governor is trying to redirect these funds elsewhere.

According to the proposal, up to a million dollars will be made available to companies seeking funding assistance from state grants. As we have seen in the past, companies that need this kind of funding are generally high risk investments, the kind that apparently only our government will invest in. I agree that this funding will help bring new businesses and more jobs into Colo., but will they stay. Generally high risk businesses are just that, high risk. Many of these types of "schemes" do not succeed. In bringing these kinds of businesses here, the Governor is trying to make or economy even more unstable. I'll agree that we need more and better-paying jobs (my bank account can vouch for that), but why should we count on the government to boost our economy. It is a proven method, leave the market alone and it will correct itself.

I'd like to see a renewable source of energy sometime soon, but lets be realistic, big oil definitely won't let that happen until we have used up all there is of our dinosaur companions. Plus if you ask me the oil companies already have whatever it is our cars will run off in 20 years, they are just waiting for the right time to strike (but that's just a little of my conspiracy theorist coming out.

Maybe you could test your conspiracy theories against economic models of the world and see if the conspiracy ideas come up wanting?
Conspiracy theories? I just reread the article, and only saw some caution about the efficacy and dependability of state investment in risky businesses. What's your point?
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