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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Legalize Marijuana

In class a few weeks ago we discussed the importance to distinguish self enforcing purchases from the ones enforced by the government. I think the main problem that lies with this is the illegal sector of the economy. The "black market" has to be self enforcing because they cannot rely on the government to uphold a sale, as they are all illegal. I think this fact has led to a lot of violence in this market, especially on the drug trade. People are getting injured and killed on a regular basis due to the fact they must enforce their own sales. The people who get caught selling these drugs are sent to prison where they have to become more violent just to survive. Something needs to change here. I am not suggesting legalizing all drugs, but I do think that legalizing marijuana would be a good idea as I think it would help reduce the amount of violence that goes on in the streets. The less illegal self enforcing sales there are the less violent of a society we will be.

Wow, this has got to be the weakest argument for legalizing Marijuana! Were you kidding or just high when you stated “I think it would help reduce the amount of violence to goes on in the streets”? You would have been better off sticking with the “It’s been legal in Holland for ages and they don’t have a problem with it” argument.

Seriously, Marijuana is a cheap soft drug. Hardly a good investment for say the Southern Mexican and Northern Mexican gangs. No, the violence comes from the trafficking of hard drugs (cocaine, heroine), illegal firearms, and prostitution. Three highly competitive markets.

You see, there is a form of government in the “black market”. Mafia organizations and gangs. They both have laws that must followed, a governing body, and a means of using force to uphold sales and spread influence. They’re not that different than any other government except that they use violence instead of a judicial system to settle matters of business.

I highly doubt the Northern Mexicans and Southern Mexicans go to war over Marijuana turf and sales. The little amount of money coming from it’s sale as compared to hard drugs, women and weapons, isn’t worth the cost of war for them. The money from hardcore drugs though, they’re worth a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Don’t get me wrong Mr. Smith, I agree with you on legalizing marijuana. I just have different reasoning for doing so. I say it’s an excellent way of self-taxation, much like lotteries. Americans are going to light up regardless of wether it’s illegal or legal. The Feds may as well get some dough from it.
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