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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A Question to Ask

Last week I was talking to a colleague/friend and I asked him what he thought our government was for. His response, though I was a little surprised, seemed par for what I would assume most Americans think what our government is for- "I think the governments responsibility is to make us more well off, to better our lives". Maybe a good experiment for this weeks discussion would be for you to ask as many people you know to tell you what they think our governments role should be in our daily lives.

A side note: he in turn asked me what I thought. When I told him that I thought the governments role was to protect our liberties and freedoms and to stay out of our lives, especially our economic ones, it was if he had never heard that before. Interesting.

I've actually tried this experiment in the past. There's a follow up question you need to ask when they respond as your friend did (and trust me, that's exactly how most people respond), which is simply "How exactly should government go about doing that?"
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