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Friday, May 17, 2013


Congress approves military spending for projects the pentagon just don't want

Recently congress has been issuing many different projects to improve military defense that cost a lot of tax payer money and in many circumstances the pentagon does not want the money for these projects. "On Monday, noted deficit hawk Rep. Jim Jordan (Oh.) told the Associated Press that in the interest of national security, Congress needed to give the Pentagon $436 million to make improvements to the 70-ton Abrams tank."    
He added to his request stating that "the one are we are supposed to spend taxpayer money is in the defense of our country." The pentagon stated that it had no use for the tanks and does not want them.  The tanks would be an effective weapon during World War 2 while fighting the Nazis but has no effective use in a modern world. The army chief of staff reported that they would use the money in a different way if given the opportunity. The reason that the bill was brought up and able to get through congress is the result of pork barrel politics.  The congressman who introduced the bill would have his district benefit in the form of money and jobs. 

This demonstrates how the government operates on an ineffective level and as Murray Rothbard states the defense of the country should be in the hands of the free market.  The government is always stuck to the way things have been done instead of accepting change and continuing to build tanks, an outdated device is a perfect example of that.  If the defense was operated in the free market it would not have waisted spending like this and would be forced to innovate and improve.congress approves military spending for projects the pentagon just don't want

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