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Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Plastic or Metal can anyone own it?

After reading an article by Rebecca Morelle, from BBC I am curios to see what the government is going to say about 3D printed guns.

Just this week a man developed the blue prints for the first 3D printed gun. Now anyone who has a 3D printer, access to the internet and about 60$ worth of materials can own an operating gun! I find this to be interesting as the Obama administration is trying to control all guns in the US you would now not even have to leave your house and you could create thousands of guns. 
I was wondering what this is going to do with the gun control, and the right to bear arms. This give everyone no matter age, criminal back round, mental state the ability to own a gun and no one has to know. I feel like our class would say that, weather the gun is plastic or metal anyone should be able to own a gun; as long as it does not go against the aggression axiom. This opens a whole new issue that "the force" is going to feel that they are going to have to control. 


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