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Friday, May 17, 2013


IRS stalled conservative groups

Recently the IRS had been caught for targeting conservative groups during the same time period as the 2012 election.  Today Tea Party activists protested in Washington saying they plan on Suing the IRS for what they believe to be a gross over reach by the government and a violation of their constitutional rights.  Michelle Bachmanm attacked the federal government for targeting specific groups who were applying for tax exempt status.  Tea party members say the were subjected to long questionnaires thats cost them hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.  The IRS revealed they targeted groups with the phrases tea party and patriots in their names, but further reports show other instances from 2010 onward.
               "This is not only unconstitutional, it is illegal, said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative civil-rights group that says it is suing the IRS on behalf of 17 clients who were targeted for extra scrutiny because of their groups' leanings."
This is another example of the government operating on an inefficient bases, and doing things that would not had been done in the free market.  As Rothbard states the government has a long history of violating the civil liberties of individuals, and even though it is supposed to protect are individual rights the state is greatest oppressor of our liberties. People who work for the government do things they would never normally do because of the institution of the government changes their perception on what is acceptable.  This is just another example of the government violating the non aggression axiom and over stepping their boundaries. Vowing lawsuit against IRS, teapartiers descend on DC

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