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Thursday, May 02, 2013


To open the border or not to open, that is the question

Every few years politicians from both sides always seem to start debating the issue of legalizing the 11 or so million illegal immigrants in the United States. Some argue that it is inhumane and against our moral fabric, it goes against our values and or ideals of liberty to force people to live in the shadows of our society. I tend to see it a different way, I see it as if government officials decide to give blanket citizenship to all people we might as well just have open borders. For what is the use of having general rules or laws if we allow people to break them time and time again. I do not mean to be harsh, I speak of this being born in another country and being an immigrant myself. My parents came to this great country when I was about the age of three in search of opportunity and prosperity. I personally feel that the founders of the United States felt that having a restricted border was not against liberty but the only way to preserve liberty. What is the use of trying to preserve the individual rights of citizens if anybody from other countries walk right in and call themselves citizens? We as a country have chosen to give the central government the power to exclude and allow people from all over the world to apply for a chance to come here and call this country their home. My point is if we have this discussion every few years and ever 30 or 40 years decide to give citizenship to vast numbers of immigrants, then we might as well have permanent open border. I personally believe that no one should get rewarded for breaking the law and our sovereignty. We should make it easier to apply for visa or citizenship but to just give to those that break the law is just foolish in my book and should expect to see this same scenario again in 30 years down the line if this is allowed to take place.

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