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Thursday, May 09, 2013


Drug dealers are entrepreneurs not criminals

     We have discussed a lot about liberty. Liberty means freedom. Freedom means that you can do whatever you like in this world. But in order to avoid anarchy, we must have a rule to stop people from harming each other: The Non-Aggression Axiom or the Harm Principle. A person can do whatever they like in this world, as long as they do not harm anyone else's property. With this in mind, it is easy to see why drug dealers should not be classified as criminals.
     Drug dealing is simply the selling of drugs to customers. There is no coercion or force involved. People in pharmacies and cigarette companies do it all the time. But when people hear the name drug dealer, they think about weed, cocaine, crack, Ecstasy, PCP, meth and whatever "bad" drug we can think of. As long as this drug dealer is voluntarily exchanging his goods, there is no crime. Even if the drug can kill the person that is using it, that is the consumer's choice. The dealer did not force anyone to buy his product. Because drug dealing is just a voluntary exchange, we should all look up to this entrepreneurial spirit.
     Think about it: if drug dealing was legal, this person can set his own schedule, does not have to answer to a boss, can choose his days off, does not have to worry about sick days, does not have to do that much labor and his product can bring happiness to his customers' lives. It sounds like a pretty good set-up.
     What makes the business bad is the fact that it is illegal. If someone steals from the dealer, he cannot go to the police for help. He has to put himself in a dangerous situation to get his property back. Sometimes drug wars and turf wars can cost the lives of people in the business; because of the competition between dealers, they do not have to beat their competitor by having a better business, they can beat their competitor by having force. But we must consider that it is the fact that people are killing each other that is against the harm principle, not the selling of drugs. If we were to realize that drug dealing is consistent with liberty, and to make it a legal practice, then we could stop a lot of crime in our society and gain a lot of entrepreneurs.

You are sick. Because of you this world is in grave danger.
YOu are sick. Because of people like you this world is in grave danger.
I agree
Right on, the entrepreneurial spirit persists.
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